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Frankenstein Book

Frankenstein Book

9 Kasım 2022 20:53
Frankenstein Book



Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a timeless work from the European literary canon that has profoundly impacted our culture. Whether you have read it or not, this classic book has indirectly affected the way you perceive science, religion, and man’s place in the universe, because of the degree to which it has, over the centuries, affected the thinking of others whose writing and other creative work has thereafter reached you. Some say that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is among the first books in the genres that literary criticism now calls science fiction, gothic fiction, and horror.


Frankenstein, the first book that Mary Shelley wrote, must be one of the efforts into which she put the most care in her whole life. In reading it, you gain something like a glimpse into the mind and soul of this woman who lived between 1797 and 1853, mostly in London, and maybe you will find that the two of you have some things in common. Read carefully, a novel can be something like a diary.


Every serious person needs a copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for their library, and the edition published by Vollrath Publishing, which has original cover art reflecting the most significant aspect of the story and 97 endnotes explaining some of Mary Shelley’s richer vocabulary and historical, literary, and geographical references, is among the best editions available today. It is available with free shipping at

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