Turkish Rugs

Turkish Rugs

22 Kasım 2021 21:32
Turkish Rugs



Everyone knows the Turkish rugs, which are brought together by hand workmanship in Turkey today. These carefully prepared vintage rugs have such a beautiful place in the eyes of customers that they are sought after as area rugs and receive orders from abroad every year. One of the most important features of Turkish rugs is that they are sought after by many rug makers from time to time because of their laying and touch, creating a warm atmosphere in the family. Turkish rugs around 50 or more years old, known as vintage rugs, can also be used as decoration products in homes, they contain a history with their embroidery. Regional rugs carry the motifs of Turkey in the weaving area. These rugs, known as Turkish Rugs, are among the rare works that have survived from Central Asia.


As an important effect of the use of rugs as floor coverings, Turkish rugs have been revealed by handwork through motifs. These Turkish rugs, which emerge with patterns consisting of tulips, hyacinths such as cloves, leaf and flower twists, Due to its structure, it still maintains its popularity today. It should be noted that Turkish rugs actually come from different regions and are made by villagers. There are varieties of Turkish rugs, each of which is handmade, such as silk, wool and cotton. For this reason, motif creation and knotting processes are completely handmade. These knots, known as Turkish knots, are created with pile yarn, each end is completely wrapped and cut after being pulled down. These Turkish rugs made 40-50 years ago by old nomadic people are known as vintage rugs in some countries. Its careful creation attracts the attention of citizens in every country.

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