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Led TL Verlichting

Led TL Verlichting is durable. It has a burning capacity of 25,000 hours. It is 120 cm tall. Diameter 30mm., length 1199 mm. it is very preferred because it is economical. The lighting is beautiful. Features white lighting. He’s an expert on savings. You can also get savings Led products without waiting. So you can burn less electricity.


LED TL Buis is a model with varieties. 3000K, 4000K, 6400K etc. There are varieties. In this way, you can choose the product according to the lighting level. He is an expert in lighting. It is both brighter and more economical product. There are many varieties. It has a highly advanced level with these features. Follow LED products closely with a new technology. The area of product use is quite common. It’ s used in indoor and outdoor places of buildings. Used in hospital, School, home, office, streets.


Reliable Lighting


Led TL 120cm. 4000 K model is the most preferred product. Like all products, it’s in neutral white color. This color creates more lighting. By saving, it allows you to experience more enlightenment.


Ideal for people looking for reliable lighting. It is the new lighting technology. Presented as reliable. It is very preferred because it emits low energy consumption. It’s more reliable than other lighting products. It is loved for its longevity. It is the latest version of LED technology.


The product has no carbon dioxide emissions. It is environmentally friendly. It does not contain mercury or halogen gases. It is also reliable for human health. There is no danger that it emits during lighting.


To buy lighting, you can also create an order on our website. You can buy safe lighting from the secure website. Affordable prices and economical solutions are waiting for you. Because it makes lighting for a long time, you almost get the products for free. For this, you should also meet LED technology.


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