Ana Sayfa karma 9 Ağustos 2021

Fire Exit Signs

The health and safety signs used in our environment for warning purposes and to raise awareness to possible hazards of both the employee and the environment. The usage areas are divided into different sections, such as emergency exit, fire action, fire equipment and first aid. Safety signs has pictograms and text to relay warnings. Thus, it is more noticeable in the building. The health and safety signs also determine some of the private areas or the construction site prohibition rules.

Fire exit signs, which must be placed primarily in newly constructed buildings should be installed at the most visible places. Although there are fire exit stairs in all new buildings, so fire exit signs guide people find the way to closest fire exit. Health and safety signs are not only used in construction sites but all around us during day to day life. You may see health and safety signs in and out of almost every building. In hospitals and schools the safety signs are usually placed clearly.

Construction signs, safety signboards are signs that convey information and warning about the possible hazards in construction sites. In this regard, our company performs all types of health and safety signage production in short turnaround. You can have a safety sign customised with your company logo or in custom sizes suitable to your site. To have more information about customisation please drop us an email on

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