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Aircraft Warning Light

We are in the 21st century and today the aviation industry and high-rise construction have developed a lot. Many accidents occur because high obstacles are not marked or appropriate aircraft warning light are not used.


Therefore, international organizations such as ICAO and FAA have introduced some rules and standards to ensure flight safety. For example, ICAO Annex 14, FAA and TSHK standards. As Mucco Signalteknik, we meet all these standards and produce the highest quality aircraft warning light at the best prices.


Also, you don’t need to use aircraft warning light for every building, tower, crane, chimney or other tall structure. If there is any structure higher than 45 meters, except airports and its surroundings, aircraft warning lamps and obstacles must be marked during dark hours. In addition, if the height of the obstacle exceeds 150 meters, day and night should be marked.


Examples of Application Areas:


  • Airports
  • high places; hills, mountain peak etc
  • tall buildings; skyscrapers, towers, residences, plazas, shopping malls
  • Factory and power plant chimneys
  • Telecom and base station towers, radio and television tower
  • cranes
  • Bridges; suspension bridges, railway bridges
  • Electric power transmission lines and wind turbines
  • radar systems
  • flag poles


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